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  1. Submit pre-approval form
  2. SeedTribe Investment Committee to review your submission (usually 3 working days)
  3. Fill out pitch form
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  1. Fill out all sections of the pitch form (make sure every statement is factually correct as we are required to check this by the FCA during the Due Diligence process
  2. Submit for review by the SeedTribe team (usually 3 working days)
  3. Start working on a video – this should help investors to understand your business quickly

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  1. Once you submit the pitch for review, you will receive our Pitch Agreement. You must sign this before you can go live on SeedTribe
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Due Diligence Process
  1. SeedTribe will send you a due diligence questionnaire
  2. You must answer all the questions and provide evidence to back all your statements. This is a legal requirement and you cannot pass the checks unless you can validate everything in your pitch
Due Diligence Passed
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Campaign is Live
  1. Focus on Marketing your fundraise as far and wide as possible, to gain maximum impact. Check out our guide on optimizing your campaign
  2. Seedtribe will market your pitch to its database through the listing and mailouts
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If your campaign was successful:

  1. We will work with our clearing bank to finalise all paperwork and checks
  2. We may also need to perform checks on Company Directors. Please be prepared to answer questions as needed
  3. Investors are given 48 hours to opt-out after which the amount raised is confirmed
  4. SeedTribe will need to sign your Shareholders Agreement in order to confirm allocation of shares
  5. Funds will be wired to you after all checks have been completed and funds from investors are cleared

If your campaign was unsuccessful:

  1. Investors will be informed that the campaign was unsuccessful
  2. You will not receive any funds pledged from your campaign
Thank your Investors
  1. Send an email to your investors thanking them and outlining what you hope to achieve with their support
  1. SeedTribe will remind you to send out biannual company reports to investors
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Julian Williamson Authorised 2 months ago £1,000